Siurana, a village with a lot of charm

Siurana is a small village located at an altitude of 737 m at the eastern end of the Sierra de Prades. Enjoy spectacular views of the Siurana Reservoir at your feet. The route starts from the car park at the entrance to the village, where you pay € 3 in high season for the whole day. To the right we enter a narrow path that passes by some impressive vertical walls and leads us to "La Trona", a viewpoint where a flat rock protrudes that covers the path like a roof carved in the middle of the mountain.

We continue and we find part of the valley that runs along a zigzagging descent that takes us to a forest track where we continue to the Molí de l'Esquirola, the ruins of an old mill located on the side of the river. At this point, we can continue along the river which is very dry in this area, later we deviate by a small path that runs parallel to the river and takes us to the Toll de la Palla, a pool of water surrounded of rocks that invites you to cool off in its cold waters on hot summer days. We leave the river to return to the track that is on the right, here we will see the village of Siurana that can be seen imposing in the heights and we will continue until we almost turn around the tip of Siurana.

We find a path to the right that connects with an old road to reach Cornudella, the neighboring village, through the ravine of Estopinyà. This historic path still retains some cobblestones centuries old and surprises us with a large red wall known as the “Wall Wall” that allows us to rest to admire the mountains surrounding the Siurana River. Following the path we reach the entrance of the village, where we can delve into the history that for centuries has remained in its streets, if church, if people, in its landscapes ... Inside the village we find several viewpoints from where you can see the mountains of Prades and where every corner seems taken from a wonderful postcard. There are several places to eat, you can also take guided and theatrical tours of the village to learn about its origins. We leave the village to return to the car park from which we started the route.

I can assure you without a doubt that visiting the village of Siurana will be a memory that you will carry with you for a long time. Above all, remember that nature deserves respect and that it is in our hands to keep it clean so that it continues to give us unforgettable landscapes and paths. If you want to know more routes to enjoy you can find me at @ladialma. Health and mountains!

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